3 thing that make us lost inspiration

As a blogger, content is the ultimate weapon in order for readers to enjoy what we have written, but for a publisher it often comes down to a disease called "lazy to write." This is due to the lack of inspiration in writing

3 thing that make us lost inspiration

This time Sound on Mike will share experiences around this. And we found some interesting things that can make a blogger lost inspiration in creating a new content on his blog.

And here are 3 things that can cause a blogger to lose their productivity in gain some inspiration to write it down and how to overcome it.

1.Lack to interact or socialize

As social beings it is become a human nature to interact with each other, if a human loses his interaction with others it will be sure that his productivity will decreases, so,if you have plenty interact with others it will help you in finding inspiration from those activity and can be used as your writings source.So, how to interact with others correctly?
In this modern times like now there are 2 kinds of interactions, that is:
  • Interaction in the real world
This interaction is best way in terms of looking for inspiration, eg "getting along with new people, new moods, new topics, new places and more".
  • Interaction in the virtual world (online interaction)
Interaction like this is the easiest way to do right now, but we must be wise, because if we are not wise, it is not the inspiration we found but the useless disputes we will get.

2.Lack of reading

As a good blogger it should have a good reference source in creating articles that can arouse enthusiastic readers. The reference material is certainly a reading of a writing, whether it is a blog article article or article used as a reference today.

If we do not read, the source of inspiration to write more fades along with less reference material from the read source. So if you have started suffering from the symptoms of "lost inspirational syndrome" then start finding a reading source that suits your interests so you can get inspired to write your article again.

How to overcome:
Start looking for good reading material, can be in the form of blog articles or scientific papers and books that you can find anywhere.

3. Lazy to ask

Sometimes a simple question can be an inspiration to write and become an interesting reading material for others. A weighty and classy question also sometimes can only produce less creative inspiration because of its specific nature. Try to see the following basic questions:
Have you ever asked yourself? On the people around? On forums?
What do you get after asking like that?
If from the above questions you only accept the answers without you developing into an inspiration, then you have missed a great opportunity in your life as a blog writer. Try to think about it.

Well that's a few things that can make us lose productivity in the creation and create articles on the blog that we have.

Semoga bermanfaat!