Has my site been indexed by Google?

Has my site been indexed by Google?

Copyright © 2017 sound on mike.Questions like this often appear in many blogger forums like on official sites and social media forums that many scattered out there.The questions is "My site has not been indexed by google!Has my site been indexed by google?"

No index

This question is common when a newbie blogger who is confused about his indexed status is still empty in their search console properties.

So what's the cause?

Is it because of spam actions that have been done, or indeed there is an inappropriate setting between our blog and search console property?

Now look at this picture below when i search on google about "index by google"

Question about google index
I Will make a post about all of those question later on,and this article Will be more useful for you to read,this article still continued then😊

Well ..... for this time maybe the above question I will try to describe in advance the cause. Here is the cause and how to overcome:

  • Make sure the dashboard settings are correct for disbursement of our site with search console it syncron
  • Fill in the robot.txt on blogger dashbord setting for robot.txt box so that the searchbot understands which urls are allowed to be clawed. To get the robot.txt file you can grab it at the search console section of robot.txt, or you can add this default robot.txt file to your robot.txt setting
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Sitemap: http://yoursitename/sitemap.xml

  • Make sure your Google search console settings with your google analytics match the id listed on your dashboard.
And then this time I also want to straighten out about our special word:


Let's first straighten what is the purpose of indexed means?

Sometimes among us there is something wrong about understanding the status of this indexed, there is a thought that if it is indexed then we will think our post will be positioned on page one in google serp.

Whereas the real meaning is if our site indexed means that our post is on the google search even though in any rankings.

Once we know the answer about this index there must be a question again. Then how do I know if our post is already been indexed?how to check google index status?

Well ... there is a way to check how many pages a website has already been indexed, that is by typing the word "site: yoursitename" in the google search box or commonly called dorksite.This search method Will get a list of all pages indexed by google.

In this way then all posts you've ever added a url in google addurl will appear. We'll just have to stay cross check and see if there is a post that you are looking was not there or it does.

If there is some post that does not appear,all you need to do is to add your post url back on google addurl,then check whether it has been indexed or not by Google by typing "site: yoursitename" in google search box once again.

In some cases sometimes your old articles are not indexed by googlebot, this is because of the unrelevan data feed owned by your sitemap file.

Some templates that can be downloaded out there are using a feed from a site other than google feedburner, well in this case need foresight to overcome them.

Maybe next time I will make a special article to handle this. Patience please, ok😊

Well that's the answer from the title of my article this time. Hopefully it Will be useful for all other bloggers. If you want to add some word in it please write in the comment box below this post, I would love to add it.
Salam blogger!!!


  1. Dari postingan yang saya baca di atas ada beberapa pertanyaan yang saya ingin saya sampaikan.
    1. Bagaimana seting robot.txt untuk blogspot yang benar, mengingat jika saya cari di google selalu berbeda-beda, termasuk seting custom robot header tag.
    2. Dalam index kadang ditemukan blocked by robot atau removed. Bagaimana cara mengatasi hal itu.
    Sorry agak borongan nih tanyanya.

    1. Bukan robot.txt yang menyebabkan hal itu tp ada 2 hal...pertama parameter url dan kedua setting tajuk khusus robot.txt yang membuat hal ini atau bisa juga script anti duplicate content.

  2. Makasih atas penjelasannya om��


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